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    Having Trouble Enrolling a New Password?


    When enrolling a new a new password:

    1) The first time you draw it the password is always accepted. Additional attempts will be compared to the first one.
    2) Draw it several more times until it is accepted three times
    3) Then you will be asked to Validate the password.

    Some tips for creating your password:

    • Draw smaller - do not try to fill up the entire box on the draw pad.
    • Choose a password that contains characters such as 7, V, L, T ---avoid using characters that are circular in nature such as 8, 9, 0, or 6.
    • The system will not generally accepted a password consisting of all straight lines such as '1111' or "////"
    • Be sure to keep the mouse button held down throughout each stroke. If you let up on the mouse button it will create additional lines and other attempts will not match it.
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