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    Policy for Student ID Validations


    NMLS is committed to maintaining the integrity of the Mortgage Education Program as required by the SAFE Act.  Accordingly, in 2017, the Mortgage Testing & Education Board (MTEB) and the NMLS Policy Committee, both of which are comprised of state regulators, approved requiring multi-factor authentication for MLOs completing online continuing education courses.  The new Student identity verification password system is called BioSig-ID.  A primary purpose for employing BioSig-ID is to ensure MLOs are completing annual education requirements in accordance with the SAFE Act.  Please note that the BioSig-ID software is designed to inform NMLS of suspicious user behaviors.  Such reports may be investigated by the State Regulatory Registry (SRR) in accordance with the Rules of Conduct for Students (ROC) which you agree to at the start of every online course. 

    At various times during the online course, you, the student will be requested to validate your identity using BioSig-ID.  A BioSig-ID validation will be required during the course and prior to taking the end-of-course assessment.  The time required to set-up a BioSig-ID and to complete the validation checks should not significantly increase the overall course time.

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