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    BioSig-ID™ enrollment step-by-step guide


    All BioSig-ID™ enrollments and validations occur within your course. Please follow the natural progression of the course until you are prompted to enroll and validate your BioSig-ID™.


    The steps to go through a BioSig-ID™ enrollment, are as follows:

    1. Launch the enrollment process for BioSig-ID™ to get to this screen


    2. Select the device that will be used


    3. Click the `Next` button to proceed


    4. Read and confirm the step-by-step guide


    5. Draw the first four character/number password for BioSig-ID™


    6. Click the `Next` button to continue


    7. The first password is always accepted and now it is important to draw it again as close as possible


      IMPORTANT: It is natural to fail the next step if you are having a difficult time to draw the same characters again close enough to your first password. Try using the `Restart` button otherwise to start fresh and draw something else. For example, use an `X` or `7` instead of a `0` as lines are easier than circular motions for some users. Another option is to draw smaller and/or slower. Everything you draw will be used to verify, so if you already know that something went wrong use the `Clear` button to redo the step you are at. Touchpad users might want to consider using both hands to allow more control in drawing while holding down the `left` button.

    8. After you are finished drawing it a second time click the `Next` button to continue


    9. To get a proper biometric profile you just have to draw it a third time


    10. After you are finished click the `Next` button to continue


    11. This last step will lock everything in place with a final validation of BioSig-ID™


    12. Draw the password you created one final time and click the `Validate` button to continue



    This ends the process and you are now presented with a button to return back to the system you started in before the BioSig-ID™ enrollment.


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