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    Trouble using a mouse – checkout your pointer speed option


    Changing Your Mouse Speed

    To change the speed of your mouse or trackpad cursor in Windows 10, first launch the Settings app from the Start Menu and select Devices.

    windows 10 settings devices

    On the Devices screen, select Mouse from the list of sections on the left, and then select Additional Mouse Options on the right side of the screen.

    windows 10 settings mouse

    This will open the Mouse Properties window, which lets you adjust many options related to the way your mouse cursor looks and functions. To change your mouse cursor speed, select the Pointer Options tab and you’ll see a slider labeled Select a pointer speed at the top.

    windows 10 mouse properties

    This is the slider that will control how quickly your mouse cursor moves on your PC screen relative to its physical movement on your desk. Adjust the slider to the left and your cursor will move slower, slide it to the right and your cursor will move faster. For most mice, the far left or far right of this slider makes the cursor unusable, causing it to move either painfully slow or way too fast to be accurate. The default setting in Windows 10 is right in the middle, and most users will be happy adjusting the slider to within a few notches of this default value.

    As you adjust the slider, the change in mouse speed will happen immediately (i.e., you don’t need to click Apply or OK for the change to take effect). This lets you quickly test out different speed options to find the one that best suits your mouse hardware and personal preferences.

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