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    How to Do a Screen Recording


    From time to time a user might have an issue that is difficult for tech support to reproduce.  In these cases we will need to see what is happening from your perspective. 

    There are several free software options to perform this task.  We recommend Jing!  

    First you will need to download Jing.



    Second, open your course and recreate the steps you took up to the point where you received the error message.

    Share the video to Screencast.com (free, private account)

    Once Shared to Screencast.com, click the share button in the top right corner.


    Third, copy the Share URL and paste this URL into the support ticket. 


    If further troubleshooting is needed, we may need to meet via an online meeting.


    Tutorials for using Jing

    How to Capture a Video Using Jing






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